These days the sales of printed daily newspapers are declining in many countries.
Do you think newspapers will disappear within the next 10 years?
Write a paragraph explaining your opinion. You must give at least one appropriate reason to support it.


(2006年 早稲田大学(法) 英語 問(VI) )

I never think printed newspapers disappear within the next 10 years. They have particular substantial advantages over internet, radio, or TV programs. First of all, internet cannot wrap my lunch box. Next, newspapers are useful to put into my shoes to dry inside when they get soaked in heavy rain. The most important reason, however, comes from my way of spending a weekend: money-wise. A newsstand in my neck of the woods gives me a cup of coffee for a discount price when I buy a newspaper on Sunday morning. If there were not newspapers, such a discount would not be available anymore.