The Offal Truth: People Enjoy Eating Calf Brains

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - You can boil it in salted water, drain and chop it into neat little chunks, and then scramble it with a dozen eggs and three tablespoons of butter -- or you could coat it in cream, cheese and spices and fry to a crispy golden brown.

Mmmmmm, yummy, brains! With eggs or fried as fritters, they are just like grandma used to make but after the last few days, you may not want to eat them ever again.

The discovery of mad cow disease in a dairy cow in Washington state has led to renewed warnings that people should eschew cow's brains, as that is the organ most affected by the disease and among the most likely parts to spread the ailment to humans.

Yet for some, according to one historian of American food, the brain of the calf is something still to be enjoyed.




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