Newspaper Publishes Only Good News for Xmas

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's top-selling newspaper published nothing but good news Wednesday, dropping its normal fare of crime, violence and scandal for stories about tax cuts, falling petrol prices and accelerating economic growth.
"There's only good news today," Bild wrote in two-inch high letters at the top of page one, where the giant headlines are usually devoted to sex scandals, Germany's cannibal trial, killers, adulterers or dishonest politicians.

Urging Germans to shed their natural frosty demeanor for the Christmas holiday season, Bild columnist Peter Bacher said there was always plenty of good news around, even if it was "sometimes overshadowed by evil, horror and terror."

Bild also reported churches were full for Christmas services, California's earthquake spared San Francisco, president Johannes Rau appealed for more state money for families, share prices rose, and political leaders promised more big tax cuts.